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Hi everyone, it’s Ted the Explorer Bear. Just letting you know I’m not lost! Sorry for being late back but I had such a good time I stayed a bit longer. But I will be on my way to you next week. Can’t wait to see you all again!

New Year = New Class = New Blog!

Happy New Year! We loved all the interaction on this blog in 2013. Now it is time for a new class to learn online. Please visit our new blog:

We look forward to interacting with you there. Old Room 6 students, you especially! You know how to ask good questions and write great comments. I challenge you to be teachers to the new children in Room 5 – help them become great learners by writing to them on their blog.

Thanks and we will see you on the other blog. 🙂
– Miss Booth

The Master Chiefs

Our end of Year 4 Reflection:

By: Nickshay, Avansh, Lucas and Cody


What did we love the most about being in Year 4?

Nickshay: What I liked most was running around the field.

Avansh: What I liked in Year 4 is the Pirate Ship because I read there.

Lucas: I liked the iPads because there are heaps of things to learn.

Cody: What I liked in Year 4 is finally being able to play in the Senior Playground.


What were our biggest challenges?

Nickshay: My biggest learning goal was understanding what I read.

Avansh: My biggest challenge this term is in the maths test – fractions.

Lucas: My biggest learning goal was to write fast and do handwriting.

Cody: My biggest learning goal was self-discipline because sometimes I talk and I need to learn to stop.


How has our learning improved?

Nickshay: I’ve improved my writing by not talking to people and getting it done fast.

Avansh: Because of Miss Booth. I’ve improved in my maths because I do maths homework at home and I understand the problems.

Lucas: I’ve improved in my reading. I’m reading faster.

Cody: Because of every teacher in the school. I have improved in my handwriting. I have learned to slope and link.


What advice would we give to the children about to start Year 4 next year?

Nickshay: Show more self-discipline by not sitting next to people who make you talk lots.

Avansh: Don’t talk when the teacher is talking to show more self-discipline. Please follow my instructions to get through Year 4.

Lucas: When you go home for homework, always check it with your parents so you know you got it right.

Cody: Always ask for help!


Any other comments?

Nickshay: Merry Christmas and have a good weekend. Happy New Year!

Avansh: Thank you for reading my comments. I hope you have a safe holiday.

Lucas: Please read our blog. It’s the best! Merry Christmas. I hope you have the best Christmas. I hope you have cool presents from Santa.

Cody: Thank you, Miss Booth, for being our teacher. I hope you have a good holiday and Merry Christmas!

Learning in Room 6. What we learned.

Our end of Year 4 Reflection:

By: Joanne, Mya, Elina and Mansha


What did we love the most about being in Year 4?

Joanne: In Year 4, I have been challenging myself on other goals like making paragraphs and descriptions in writing.

Mya: In Year 4, I loved going to the zoo trip because I saw heaps of animals. It was fun because we went with Room 7 and Room 8 and with all the teachers and adults. It was fun.

Elina: What I liked in Year 4 was my writing. I learned more slope and linking. When I went on the playground, I couldn’t do the monkey bars and then I learned how to.

Mansha: What I liked about being in Year 4 is writing. I like it because I learned more linking and I didn’t learn slope.


What were our biggest challenges?

Joanne: My biggest challenge of all is that I need to practise my divides and times. Now I know what times and divide means.

Mya: My biggest challenge was working on fractions because I didn’t know how to do fractions. They are still tricky for me.

Elina: Not to talk to Mansha a lot when I’m doing my work and not be a chatterbox.

Mansha: My biggest challenge is not to talk to other people when you’re writing and get on with your work. I also wanted to know divides and times tables just like that.


How has our learning improved?

Joanne: My learning this year was that I needed to practise my handwriting with slop and size to get even better.

Mya: I improved with my maths because I know some times tables now. Before I didn’t know times tables.

Elina: When I do my writing now, I do more linking in my writing and slope. Now I add more description and use a lot of paragraphs.

Mansha: I improved my writing because before I didn’t do similes that much. I didn’t have time to think of good similes. The reason why I didn’t think of some good similes is I didn’t look at the main topic. Now I know how to look at the main topic and do good similes.


What advice would we give to the children about to start Year 4 next year?

Joanne: I will give my advice about how to do handwriting with slope and size. First start at the middle by the top. My message to the Year 3s is to learn their times and divides so you know what they mean. Act like Year 4s, not Year 2s and 1s.

Mya: I can help you with your times tables by asking you questions.

Elina: Do your homework and do not be silly anywhere.

Mansha: Don’t act like Year 3s when you are in Year 4 because the teachers are trying their best to teach you how to learn like a Year 4. Follow your biggest goals and live your life!


Any other comments?

Joanne: Thank you for helping me with my learning and other things.

Mya: Next year I hope I can learn about millions.

Elina: Next year I hope I can learn how to sprint more and always run and not be a slowpoke. And don’t be naughty.

Mansha: I hope you guys have a nice Christmas. Listen to the Christmas songs and open presents with joy and laughter.

End of Year Improving from the Chatterboxes

Our end of Year 4 Reflection:

By: Lennox, Bobby, Matthew and Jeremiah


What did we love the most about being in Year 4?

Lennox: I liked what we learned in Year 4 at everything.

Bobby: I like how I encouraged myself to do better in all of my learning.

Matthew: I like when we do the Culture and Sports every Wednesday.

Jeremiah: I like how I learned how to link this year.


What were our biggest challenges?

Lennox: Don’t talk to your friends and move away if they are talking to you.

Bobby: My biggest challenge is to focus on my work and not talk to anybody.

Matthew: Don’t be distracted by other people. If they do it, I don’t have to do it.

Jeremiah: My challenge for next year is to have self-discipline when I’m on the mat, since I know that my friends are going to be in my class.


How has our learning improved?

Lennox: I like my reading, how I’m moving up in levels.

Bobby: I’ve shown more of the values since last year.

Matthew: In Year 3, I didn’t get better before. In Year 4, I got better than before in reading.

Jeremiah: I’ve improved in reading by having more expression.


What advice would we give to the children about to start Year 4 next year?

Lennox: When you were in Year 3, you could do stuff. You can get even better at it now.

Bobby: You will get better than you are now, just like when I started Year 4. If you couldn’t do your challenge in Year 3, you can do it in Year 4. You have your whole entire life!

Matthew: You can try more and try more to get better at anything you want to.

Jeremiah: If you’re a talker like me, improve it and have more self-discipline.


Any other comments?

Lennox: I hope you get good presents.

Bobby: Thank you to you, Matthew, and Jeremiah and Lennox, for being my three best friends out of the whole school. Have a happy Christmas.

Matthew: I wish you a merry Christmas.

Jeremiah: Thank you, Miss Booth, for all the learning that I’ve improved this year.

Our Learning this Year

Our end of Year 4 Reflection:

By: Peter, Oscar, Chontelle and Nina

What did we love the most about being in Year 4?

Peter: I liked to read and do maths.

Oscar: In reading, I went up lots of levels and in maths.

Chontelle: I liked how I get harder maths and I challenged myself.

Nina: I liked reading and writing and doing waths.


What were our biggest challenges?

Peter: Don’t talk when the teacher is talking.

Oscar: My biggest challenge was my writing. It’s quite messy.

Chontelle: Trying to control my actions, like not being mean to people and not fighting back. I am learning to fight back with kindness.

Nina: My biggest challenge is when I challenge myself, like when I do times tables.


How has our learning improved?

Peter: I’m getting better at my plusses and reading.

Oscar: The stuff that I’ve improved on is maths, moving up in stages; reading, moving up in levels and writing, moving up in spelling.

Chontelle: I’m getting better at my divided bys, times tables and fractions. I’m moving up in maths.

Nina: My learning is when I got better and better in reading.


What advice would we give to the children about to start Year 4 next year?

Peter: You’re going to learn about fractions.

Oscar: You’re going to learn heaps of new stuff and you need to challenge yourself and focus on your work to get better at it. You really should have fun in your learning in Year 4. You should make a lot more class friends to help you with your learning.

Chontelle: When you get to Year 4, you’re going to learn some new words and you’re going have heaps of fun with learning. You’re going to get better with your maths, reading, writing and handwriting. Make sure you have lots of fun in Year 4 and have a safe and happy year.

Nina: You should help little kids do their writing and their maths when you go to them for Buddy Class.


Any other comments?

Peter: Be safe and have a nice holiday. Have a nice Christmas and a nice weekend. See us on the computer.

Oscar: You should come on to our blog a lot more often.

Chontelle: On the blog, make sure you do comments for our new things that we do.